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What is AT&T ConnecTech Support Plus?

Your PC problem will not fix itself, and it potentially can impact not only the performance of your machine, but also the download/upload speeds of your high speed internet connection. Your Support Plus subscription provides you remote support through expert technicians to help fix problems with home networking for your smartphone, tablets and gameboxes; virus/malware detection and removal; software installation and conflicts; and other PC performance related issues.

How do I use it?

Getting support from a technician can be achieved in one of three ways:

1. Use the PC Maintenance Toolbox

AT&T has developed a unique tool to provide optimum 24x7 support when you need it. It's called the PC Maintenance Toolbox.

The PC Maintenance Toolbox provides

Installation of the tool to your PC is easy, and you can click here to download it.
You can also watch the video about the PC Maintenance Toolbox where you'll see the many benefits of the tool including:

2. Use Direct Chat

Although using the PC Maintenance Toolbox provides many unique benefits as part of your subscription, it is not mandatory to use. Technicians are available to you 24x7 through Direct Chat by visiting chatnow.att.com

3. Support Over the Phone

Phone support is available from 9am-12pm EST 7 days/week. Just dial tool free 1-866-294-3464 and follow the prompts to speak with a representative for your technical, order or billing needs.

What if I need or prefer physical support at my home?

Your subscription is a remote service only. That means when contacted for help, our technicians will request your permission to access your computer over the internet in an attempt to diagnose and repair the issue. Once the contact is complete, the technician will return control back to you and no longer have access to your PC. If you do not have internet access, the technician may attempt and have success resolving your situation without direct control.

If you have a need for in-Home support, you may request us to dispatch a qualified technician for an additional fee. Descriptions and pricing are available on the AT&T ConnecTech website under the Connect and Resolve sections and are labeled as "In-Home" services.

What other benefits are included with my subscription?

There are a number of additional services that add value to your subscription.

How much does this support cost?

Unlike similar services from some other providers, there are no upfront, one-time setup fees or diagnostic fees associated with AT&T Support Plus. Your virtually unlimited support coverage is $15 per month* with a required 12 month commitment.

An Early Termination Fee of $120 (reduced by $10 for each completed month of the term) may apply if the services is cancelled prior to the end of the 12 month commitment. For example, a cancellation of the subscription with 5 months remaining on the 12 month term may be charged a $50 Early Termination Fee. Upon completing the 12 month requirement, your services will continue to bill $15 per month until cancelled, and at that time no termination fee will be charged.

Are there other conditions/limitations of my subscription?

Support Plus Service will be provided for up to four (4) computers per household. Customers are required to use a current, industry-recognized anti-virus application on covered computers.

It is your responsibility, and AT&T encourages you, to back up all software and data on your computer's hard drive(s) and/or any other storage devices. It is also your responsibility to provide proper and updated protection from viruses/worms and spyware/malware. See Terms of Service for details.

*Taxes and other charges may apply